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How to Order Customized Phone Cases & Other Customized Items

1. Select your device/mirror and add to cart.

2. Choose your desired colors under "Color Choices" and add to cart.

3. Select your desired Theme under the appropriate "Themes" tab. Add to cart.

(A Theme includes 3 accessories or MORE, related to category of choice. For ex: "makeup" theme will include at least 3 accessories related to makeup). Unless specified, accessories to be included within each theme are chosen at our discretion and may vary from order to order. 

- AND/OR -

4. Choose your desired Add-On Accessories under the appropriate "Add-On Accessories" tab. Add to cart. Unless specified, the style of each accessory is chosen at our discretion and may vary from order to order.


ALL customized orders MUST include these steps. All orders made incorrectly will be REFUNDED.


The same process of ordering can be applied to all customized items offered on celletto.com.


*If the customer desires a specific style of accessories and/or theme, we must be contacted at time of order in "notes" section or via email within 24 HOURS of ordering.