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Shop is closed* December 17, 2023-April 2024 while we enjoy our maternity leave!
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*Excludes "Ready-to-Ship" mirrors.

Custom iPad/Laptop Add-On Accessories

Out of stock
Product Details

The style of each accessory is chosen at our discretion and may vary from order to order. If the customer desires a specific style for their chosen accessory, it must be written in the “note” section at checkout OR sent via email within 1 HOUR of purchase.

This listing is for the ACCESSORIES of the case ONLY. Please have the CASE added to your cart also, under STEP 1.

Only one order is processed at a time for iPad and Laptop cases. BY PURCHASING, YOU WILL BE ADDED TO OUR PAID WAITING LIST. Your order WILL NOT PROCESS until it is your turn on the list. This may mean DELAYED PROCESSING TIME for your order.

Processing time for these orders are 8 WEEKS when it is your turn on the list.

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