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Important Announcements

A Letter from Tabby



To our lovely shoppers & supporters,


There are some big changes coming to CELLetto, and for good reason! I am happy to announce that our team will be growing by one tiny member. We are expecting a baby!

With that being said, changes are being made in how orders will be accepted in the coming months. Please take note of these milestone dates!

Black Friday: I will be winding down business around this time of year and will be taking less orders for Black Friday. There will be some items ready-to-ship items and really good website sales you will NOT want to miss! If you haven't signed up for email or text alerts yet, I highly recommend doing so, so that you don't miss a sale!

Holiday Orders: We all know December 25 is approaching quickly! Please note that NO LAST MINUTE OR RUSH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you are planning to purchase our product(s) to give as a gift(s), the deadline to order is NOVEMBER 1, 2023. If you are a last-minute gift shopper, and miss the deadline, you will have to catch some ready-to-ship items that will be available on Black Friday and any that remain available after. Ready-to=ship items WILL NOT be customized with any names and will be MIRROR selections only, no phone cases will be ready-to-ship. If you will want a phone case, you will have to order before the deadline.

Maternity Leave: Our baby is expected to come mid-January, which means, by the new year, I will temporarily stop taking orders. Any ready-to-ship items that are available may be able to be shipped, but nothing will be able to be made after I stop taking orders. I anticipate opening our shop back up around April 2024, but that is very tentative! Again, please sign up for our email and texts to stay up-to-date!

If you have anything on your wishlist that you've been wanting from our shop, I highly encourage you to order as soon as possible, before it is too late! Order availability will become increasingly limited as we approach the end of the year.

Thank you all for your love and support at this time while we prepare for our newest chapter!



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