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Travel In Bling LED Mirror Lash Case

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Product Details

This lash case is perfectly designed for a babe “on-the-go.” Our LED Mirrored Lash case is ideal for applying lashes during travel, in the car, on vacation, or just sitting pretty on your vanity. It contains 12 LED lights for lash application. It is able to hold 5 pairs of lashes, and comes paired with matching rose gold tweezers! All stones and accessories are hand placed. Lash insert is removable and case can be used for other products.

6.29 x 3.54 x 1.02 inches

About Glass Rhinestone Upgrade: What is the difference between our standard mix and glass rhinestone upgrade?

Standard Mix: High quality resin rhinestones mixed with glass rhinestones. Our resin rhinestones are made of plastic material and are brilliant in sparkle. We do well to compliment them with glass rhinestones in our mix to create an eye-catching combination.

Glass Rhinestone Upgrade: Gives even more sparkle and durability for a longer time period on your product. They will also increase the weight of your product.

Both are excellent choices, and the decision is really your preference!

*Eyelashes not included

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